A question that many people wonder as they think about starting an estate plan is “why should I hire an estate planning attorney?”. The pandemic created a sense of urgency for people to get estate plans in place, and with this came the rise of DIY estate planning websites and law offices offering cheap estate planning services. So with these options, why should I hire an estate planning attorney? The answer is simple- to protect your loved ones and everything you’ve worked for.

Why Should I Hire an Estate Planning Attorney? 

Your estate plan should be tailored to fit your life and your goals. With many DIY services, or even hand writing your own will, you may not be covering everything that a proper estate plan should have. In doing so, your assets may end up in the wrong hands and your wishes for your loved ones may not be granted. With DIY services, you are usually getting cookie cutter documents that are made from a fill in the blank template. While having some plan is better than nothing, it’s best to consult with a professional in your area. Depending on your state, there may be certain estate laws in place that a generic document won’t cover. In some instances your state may not even consider your plan valid at all. If you have a significant amount of wealth, complex family situations, or a complicated financial situation, consult with an estate planning attorney in your area. It’s better to invest in your estate plan, versus rushing a plan that isn’t going to be effective when the time comes.

“I found an attorney that charges half the price, why should I hire you?”

We encourage meeting several estate planning attorneys in your area to see who you feel comfortable working with. Your estate plan is an investment in your family and your goals, so you want to take the time to make sure you find the right team to help you achieve those goals. With that being said, every attorney you interview may have different reasons for how they charge for their services. Estate planning is one instance in which “cheaper” isn’t always better. Some firms will have lower rates because they consider their job done once your documents are signed and in many cases are only providing you general documents from a template. Your estate plan needs to be tailored to your specific situation and goals. Not only should your plan be as specific as possible, but it also needs to be updated as you move through the different chapters of your life. You want to work with a team who will always be there to help you update your plan, not one that isn’t always looking out for your future.

We want to make sure we are the right fit to help you with your estate plan. If you’re in Illinois or Wisconsin, we are here to help. Contact us and let us know what questions you have an how we can help.

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