An estate planning attorney handles wills and trusts. Due to complexities of laws, attorneys typically focus their expertise on several practice areas. Estate planning attorneys, for example, need to know the state-specific estate planning laws, probate laws, federal and state tax laws, property laws, and asset protection laws. Many of these areas are very complex.  So, knowing whether your attorney focuses on the estate planning field can give a peace of mind that your estate plan would be executed properly. While there are many attorneys that may handle drafting simple wills and trusts, you will want someone who focuses on this area so you are not getting cookie cutter documents that may not work for your family in case anything happens to you. A simple will or trust may not fully protect your family, so working with an estate planning lawyer who will create a plan tailored to your situation is key.

An estate planning attorney typically handles not only drafting your will, but also trust documents (if appropriate), healthcare and financial powers of attorney, living will, HIPAA release, and other documents that would provide protection for your loved ones, protect your assets, and help you to avoid costly probate.  At Lexern Law Group, we concentrate on business and estate planning needs of business owners, licensed professionals (such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, CPAs, and veterinarians), and their families.  We pay particular attention to blended families (couples in second or subsequent marriages), as such families require careful planning to ensure that their wishes are properly carried out. We take the time to get to know you and our particular attention; we educate you on the best ways to protect your family and the legacy you’ve built. 

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