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Why Lexern Law Group?

Oleg Feldman is the “entrepreneur’s attorney” and I don’t know what we’d do without him. His expertise in the various nuances of business law have made us smarter, more responsive, more strategic, and more at ease. He is truly a trusted advisor who I can count upon for wise counsel in situations that vary from the mundane to the critical. As a CEO, I feel more confident about the future, knowing that Oleg is by our side. I couldn’t recommend him more highly than I do.
K. G.
The professionalism that was afforded to me by Oleg made me feel comfortable and reassured me throughout the whole process.
Y. E.
Oleg Feldman has been invaluable to our business. His legal expertise and timeliness are always appreciated. He is the attorney we trust with personal and business matters.
A. D.
I’ve been a client of the Lexern Law Group for over 2 years, to my complete satisfaction.
I am especially thankful for the effect his services had on actual success of my business.
As a direct result of Oleg’s knowledge and expertise I was able to conduct my business in the most effective manner, avoiding situations that would have been quite costly to me financially.
S. G.
The Lexern Law Group were very responsive and timely in handling some employment legal issues for my business. They provided options and outlined the expected results, allowing me to make an informed decision. I felt very confident in their expertise. I will definitely use them in the future.
Very professional. Thorough – great attention to detail. Responsive.
J. C.
Great recommendations and service. Not nickeled and dimed for every question.
C. B.
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If You’re Single You Need an Estate Plan

January 28th, 2022|Comments Off on If You’re Single You Need an Estate Plan

It's a common misconception that estate planning is only for the wealthy or for married couples. In reality, everyone should have some sort of estate plan. This is even more true if you are [...]

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Estate Planning for Special Needs Children

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Estate planning for special needs children doesn’t need to be complicated, but it is daunting to think about. Parents of children with special needs know all too well how much care and planning goes [...]

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Things to Think About When Estate Planning for Retirement

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Whether you are already retired or you’re thinking about retiring soon, have your estate plan ready to help you protect your financial and retirement goals. There’s a lot of big changes that come with [...]

  • comfort your family

Comfort Your Family with Your Estate Plan

December 17th, 2021|Comments Off on Comfort Your Family with Your Estate Plan

It’s not easy to think about or talk about what happens after you die or planning for something that seems so far off. Your estate plan can and should comfort your family so they [...]

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Don’t Let These Two Words Wreak Havoc on Your Estate Plan…

December 10th, 2021|Comments Off on Don’t Let These Two Words Wreak Havoc on Your Estate Plan…

“Per capita” and “per stirpes” are phrases you’ve probably never heard of or at least don’t use very often. These phrases can determine how your wealth is passed on to each generation of your [...]

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How to Gift From Your Estate This Holiday Season

December 3rd, 2021|Comments Off on How to Gift From Your Estate This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for gift giving! This time of year can be stressful with the hustle and bustle of the holidays. But maybe this year you aren’t looking for the hottest deals or the [...]

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