The looming question that many people ask estate planning lawyers – what is the average cost of an estate plan? While this is an important question, the more important question is how much it would cost you and your family not to have an estate plan! While the estate planning costs vary because of complexities driven by family situations and plan objectives, we can help you to determine what is the best fit for your personal situation and cost of your estate plan. 

If a lawyer can tell you what your plan would cost right off the bat without a comprehensive review process, we would urge you to keep looking for another lawyer to work with. That scenario is why a lot of estate plans fail- because someone doesn’t take the time to tailor a plan to your situation. If you’d like to read more about this, we have an article with tips on how to choose a lawyer.

Estate planning at Lexern Law Group is made to make the process clear and concise for you. We offer three levels of planning based on the complexity of your family life and assets. With flat-fee options for families just starting out, to plans for more well-established families, we educate our clients on our plan options and what would best cover their family to include what’s most important to them and you. Estate planning is not one size fits all, but our plan options make it easy to know what will be covered and how much it will cost. We start with a Family Wealth Planning Session, which is designed to get you financially organized and will prove which plan is right for your situation and family. If you have a current plan we will go over that with you as well and see if you need any changes. 

Of course, the cost of estate planning is an important factor. This is why we have created flat-fee plans to help you feel secure in your family’s future while making sure that costs are transparent and fit your budget.  Our process helps to educate you on what’s best for your family while being clear on the cost of your plan. The cost of estate planning is a small price compared to the hassle your family or loved ones may face after you are gone if you don’t have a plan in place. Not having a plan in place may end up costing your family even more than your initial investment. 

Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more and let us help you through the process.