How to Get Started with Estate Planning

Estate Planning is Easier Than You Think

With our Client Centered Approach, we aim to make estate planning as easy as possible so you can have peace of mind knowing your family is protected when you are no longer here. We know you love your family and want to preserve your legacy and that’s what we are here to do. With a proper estate plan you will keep your family out of probate court and out of conflict if anything happens to you. You know your family deserves the kind of protection, guidance, and love we provide for our clients. That’s why our clients love us so much.

Our Family Wealth Planning Meeting

When you schedule your personal Family Wealth Planning Meeting with us, we block 2 hours on our calendar, so that we can focus entirely on you, your business, and your family’s needs during this time. We will send you a package of information to complete before our meeting, which will help you begin the process of getting your legal and financial life in order. During our meeting, we will guide you to gently look at what would happen for your loved ones and with your assets if something were to happen to you. And then, we’ll look at what your goals are and help you create a roadmap to get that plan in place as easily and quickly as possible. Clients routinely say “Wow, if we had known how easy this would be, we would have done it years ago!” after meeting with us.

After the Family Wealth Planning Meeting you will have a full understanding of what your plan will entail. But the support doesn’t stop there. Once your plan is created and finalized, we stay in touch throughout all of life’s changes. Your estate plan should be updated regularly as your life changes and different chapters open and close. As your family’s lawyer for life,
we are here to be a support for you as you move through life.

So, if you are ready to talk to us, you can call us and schedule your meeting now.