How We are Helping to Support Ukraine

We are horrified by what we see each day and are deeply concerned for our clients, business partners, and their families in Ukraine. We want to commend the Ukrainian people and volunteers for their bravery in fighting the Russian aggression throughout this devastating time.

The shocking events and atrocities committed by the Russian forces against the civilian population unfolding in Ukraine will leave a dark mark on history for the senseless violence and complete disregard for the lives of the Ukrainian people.

It is difficult to look to the future in times like these.  We feel a deep heavy sense of sorrow and helplessness when we try to anticipate what may come next. But it is imperative that we stay strong, united, support one another, and recognize the sanctity and dignity of human life.

It is time to stop watching from the sidelines and do more to help the people of Ukraine.

As the war spreads across the country and thousands of innocent people are murdered and millions are fleeing their homes, we are supporting the humanitarian efforts with a donation of 10% of our profits to aid Ukrainian children and refugees. We will use these funds in the most effective way we can to maximize the impact of our efforts and resources at this time. As the situation evolves, we will continue to explore more ways to support the Ukrainian people.

We will continue to update our plans to support Ukraine as we find resources that will be most impactful. If you have any ideas of the best ways to contribute our support, feel free to contact us.