While you’re passing the mashed potatoes, why not talk about your estate plan? Thanksgiving is the perfect time to talk to your family about your estate plan. If you’re reading this you most likely have an estate plan, but have you told your loved ones what’s involved in your plan? Do they know what your wishes are and what their roles in administering your plan may be? What about if an emergency happens, what do you want them to know? Before you take the post meal nap, use this time with your family to discuss what’s really important. 

Making your loved ones aware of your plan will give everyone peace of mind that they’re taken care of and won’t leave anyone scrambling to figure out what to do if the worst happens. Another benefit to talking to your family about your plan is avoiding family conflict. If everyone is aware of your wishes ahead of time then there will be no surprises later on that may leave someone upset. Family members can ask direct questions leaving out any mystery about any of your decisions. Thanksgiving is a great time for this conversation while your loved ones are all together. 

So we know how important estate planning is and now how important it is to talk to your family about your plan. But how do you go about the conversation? 

How to Talk to Your Family About Your Estate Plan at Thanksgiving Dinner…

While there isn’t one way to start a tough conversation, there are some ways to make it the most beneficial.

  • Give them a heads up- let them know ahead of time that you want to discuss your estate plan. 
  • Have a list of topics you want to touch on, for example, if you want to mention your healthcare wishes then write them down so you don’t forget.
  • Keep it a conversation instead of a lecture.
  • If you and your spouse will both be leading the conversation, make sure you’re on the same page.
  • Encourage your family, especially kids, to ask questions.
  • Stay calm. Easier said than done, but this should be a conversation that brings peace to your family and not a debate. With an already triggering topic, do your best to relay things as calmly as possible.

For more tips and what exactly to tell your family about your estate plan, read our Holidays & Estate Planning post here

After your estate plan is created your next and most important step should be to talk to those who will be involved in your plan. As hard as these conversations can be, don’t wait to have them. Knowing what to do in a time full of grief will be the best comfort you can provide.

We can help you if you need an estate plan or need to update an existing plan. Contact us for your free initial consultation. Estate planning waits for no one, let us get you on the right path.

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