Ensure Care for Your Animals With a Pet Trust

If you have pets, my guess is that you love them as much as you do your children. However, I’m also guessing that you have not provided any written or, better yet, legally documented instructions about what should happen to them if you become incapacitated or die. If you haven’t, read on, because it’s time to take action, and we can make it easy for you to do right by the animals you love with a pet trust.

Let’s start by looking at what happens if you become incapacitated or die, if you’ve haven’t established a pet trust to care for your furry friends. It may be that if you do nothing, one or more of your friends and family will step forward to take care of your pets. But, will the person who steps forward be the person you would choose? And, will they be able to easily afford to care for your pet, in the way you do? 

Do you care about these sorts of things?

If you do care, you do need to take action. You cannot just leave the livelihood of your pets to chance. If you don’t designate at least one person, and ideally a backup to care for your pets, and provide instructions to the people you’ve named, and perhaps also money to support the care of your pets, your pets could become a burden to your friends and family, or even be brought to the humane society.

Pet Trust Planning for the Care of Your Pets

The way to provide funding for the care of your pets is through a pet trust. Planning for their life after you are gone is much easier with estate planning lawyers like Lexern Law Group.  Whether you have a pet trust already or not, meeting with Lexern Law Group to learn about pet trust planning strategies will help preserve the quality of life to which your animals are accustomed.

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