A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking of my grandparents.  Life after retirement could be hard I thought.  Being alone and old isn’t so much fun.  What if we create a day dedicated to celebrating our grandparents?  A national holiday for everyone to visit their grandparents and make them feel special – a “National Grandparents’ Day”?  A quick Google search revealed that, in the United States, National Grandparents’ Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after the Labor Day – September 10 in 2017.

So, let’s show that we do care about our grandparents and will remember this day no matter what.  Our Grandparents are the ones who helped our parents to raise us, taught us how to read and choose what is right from wrong.  They shielded us from our parents’ unreasonable restrictions or arbitrary rules.

Let’s show them we do love them by celebrating National Grandparents’ day before it’s not too late.  Below are a few ideas for what you can do on the international grandparents’ special day:

  1. Show them your love by taking a day off from your busy schedule and visit your grandparents (Your gadgets laptop, cell phone, etc. should be left in your car). Trust me your grandparents will appreciate your faithful attention.
  2. Share your grandparents’ caregiver “home work” on that day to realize what they have to deal with everyday. In near future, as you grow older you will be retired, then you will realize nobody wants to be left alone in his/her old age. It is so kind and best idea to have your grandkids come visit and make you feel remembered.
  3. On this day take your grandparents to a restaurant you used to hang out, such a place they are familiar with and one that is full of memories. They do not care about fancy meals – all they care about is spending time with you and your attention.
  4. Take them to get a manicure or pedicure, get them a new haircut, or take them to a baseball, football, or basketball game. Do whatever it takes to make them feel special, remembered, and appreciated.

Do not bring your grandparents flowers, cards, gifts, or chocolates.  They probably do not care about them.  They care about you and your attention.  They need to know that they are remembered and their legacy lives in you!

So, what are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone and make the call – tell your grandparents that you’re coming to see them on the 10th of September.  Do it while you still can!