Good news!  On December 20th, the Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed SB 867 into law, reducing Illinois’ excessive limited liability company’s (LLCs) filing and maintenance fees. This law went into effect immediately upon signing, i.e. December 20, 2017.

Although Illinois has a long way to go to make this state attractive for small businesses and business investments, it’s clearly a move in the right direction.  Now, that the basic asset protection strategies became more affordable, small business owners should have no excuses to delay their implementation next year.

This bill was passed into law in large part due to the significant efforts of the Small Business Advocacy Counsel that spent several years and significant resources organizing the business community’s support and pushing this bill through the Illinois legislature.

Below is a summary of the new LLCs’ filing and maintenance fees.

Senate Bill 867 LLC Filing Fee Reductions:
Old fee New fee
Articles of Organization $500 $150
Application for Admission $500 $150
Restated Articles of Organization $500 $150
Articles of Organization-Series $750 $400
Application for Admission-Series $750 $400
Articles of Amendment $150 $50
Amended Application for Admission $150 $50
Application for Withdrawal – Domestic $25 $5
Name Reservation $300 $25
Cancel Name Reservation $100 $5
Transfer Name Reservation $100 $25
Name Registration Application $300 $50
Registered Name Renewal $100 $50
Assumed Name – Change $100 $25
Assumed Name – Cancel $100 $5
Annual Report $250 $75
Reinstatement Application $500 $200
Petition for Refund $15 $5
Statement of Termination $25 $5
Application for Withdrawal – Foreign $100 $5
Any Other Document $100 $5

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