How an Estate Planning Attorney Brings Your Parents’ Legacy Full Circle

In a recent Facebook post “Processes to go through with your parents before they die,” Daniel Schmachtenberger, founder of the Critical Path Institute, outlined seven simple exercises to use with your parents that can offer significant healing and completion for their life and yours. While Daniel shared these processes in the context of the impending death of a parent, the reality is that your parents shall go though these exercises event when mortality isn’t immediately on the table. Finding an estate planning attorney is simply one part of the equation and would help you to formalize your parents’ wishes.

Preserving Your Family’s Intangible Assets

The life stories, lessons, and values that come from these final conversations can be among the most precious of all your family’s assets. And to make sure these gifts aren’t lost forever, it is essential to find an estate planning attorney for preserving and passing on these intangible assets.

Legacy planning is so important. Use a series of helpful questions and prompts similar to the exercises Daniel outlines when you meet with your estate planning attorney. You can ensure these life lessons are documented and preserved well before you and/or your loved ones are close to death.

Legacy Planning

Your estate planning attorney helps pass on your family’s financial wealth and property. When done right, it also enables you to preserve and pass on your true legacy: your memories, values, and wisdom. And it can also be a source of overall healing in the family. With the right support, having these all-important final conversations doesn’t have to be intimidating or awkward at all. This is why it is prudent to develop an effective working relationship with your estate planning attorney.

With Lexern Law Group as your estate planning attorney, the entire process can put your life and family relationships into a much clearer focus and ultimately be an incredibly uplifting experience for everyone involved. Contact us today to get started with a Family Wealth Planning Session.


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